Saturday, March 27, 2021

Jurassic Park & Pizza 3/27/21

 My night last night consisted of watching Jurassic Park and eating pizza with my husband, and it was perfect. Its nice not to have to cook dinner and to just relax and watch a movie.  I've seen the movie about 30 times over the years, but its always a good one to re-watch. In the last few years my husband has upgraded the TV and sound system in our family room, so he is always excited to watch a movie that will show that off. I have no idea what 4K, ULED, ect. ect. means, but apparently its great stuff. 😆


  1. My 8 year old son desperately wants to watch this movie but is also terrified of it! He loves dinosaurs, but also knows they are scary. I haven't seen it in years!

    Sounds like you had a great date night at home!

  2. I remember taking my kids to see Jurassic Park when it was in theaters years ago. I think I’ve only seen it once since. We purchased a new television for our family room this past summer, and I’m the one who did the research that led us to purchase an OLED system. My husband defers to my choice.


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